Our stickers

Easy to apply - easy to remove

The material we use makes our products easy to apply, (watch video guide) but also very easy to remove again, without leaving any trace. We love our Apple products as much as you probably do, and when selecting the materials for our products, we wanted to make sure no permanent marks of any kind would be left on our beloved life companions.

Watch here how easy it is to remove a sticker

If some residue is left from the sticker, you can simple rub it off with your hands. Rubber alcohol can also be used to get the surface all spanking new.

Products from make it stick are made from high quality vinyl, handpicked for the purpose of being applied to the awesome surfaces of MacBooks, iPads and iPhones.
The black and white versions compliments the nature and look of Apple products extremely well, and our vibrant colors versions, will give your belongings a lovely, playful personal twist.

Made in Denmark
As Danes, we're obsessed with quality and perfection, and this is what you'll get with each and everyone of our beautiful stickers.
These stickers are not your average stickers you just slap and everything. This is a high quality product.
Each sticker is carefully inspected and finished by hand, and nothing leaves our doors if we're not 100% satisfied with the result.