The history about our skins

How to apply your iPhone 6/6 Plus skin (pdf)

How to apply your iPhone 4/5 skin

How to apply your sticker

This short video shows you how to apply your sticker. Please follow these instructions for the best overall result.
The key steps for a great result  with your sticker are:

  • Clean the surface 
  • Rub the sticker with a credit card
  • Wait 10 minutes before removing the transparent layer, after applying the sticker to the surface
  • Take your sweet time - don't rush it
But really, just do as in the video - it's so much easier
And of course give us a shout if you have any questions.

How to remove your sticker

Removing a sticker is just as easy as putting it on. Like shown in the video above, you simply just start peeling in off from one corner to another. Any leftovers you can rub off with your fingers, and that's that - you're ready to order a new awesome sticker from us, to keep your MacBook personal and fun.