Camo Black

  • Black camouflage iPhone 12 skin - perfect to make your iPhone more personal.
    The camouflage pattern is imprinted in different directions, giving a vivid effect as light changes. Deep black color with gray details.

    Protect your iPhone without adding loads of bulk.
    Our 360° skin design covers all the edges of the iPhone, becoming the ultimate solution in protecting your phone in a thin and light method.
    The skin with sides, is cut from one single piece of vinyl.

    All our skins er precision cut of beautiful and vivid vinyl, with bumpy and uneven textures, which ensures a unique look as well as a fantastic grip.
    Perfect alternative to thicker and classic covers.

    Easy to apply, easy to remove.

    Your choice of skin
    Choose between these new 360° skins, or the classic models covering only the glass back. We offer a discounted package with both solutions as well.

    • Ultra thin and seamless
    • Real bumpy texture you can touch and feel
    • Gives amazing grip on your iPhone
    • Protects your phone against scuffs and scratches
    • Hard and durable
    • Premium quality - feels amazing
    • Solid color all the way through
    • Easy to apply & remove again
    • Stays on for a as long as you like
    • Leaves no trace on your phone

    NB: Made from premium state of the art vinyl.

  • Made in Denmark, all orders are sent off same or next business day.
    Everything is sent express as Priority A

    Shipping is $2.99 no matter the purchase amount

    • Delievery inside Europe - typically 2-4 days
    • Delievery outside Europe - typically 5-7 days

Thinness above all

Our skins were our first newer product category.
In a world dominated by covers, we wanted an alternative, for people wishing an as thin and 'original' iPhone as possible.

You'll find our origin story about our skins and our quest for thinness, in the video below





Designed and produced in Denmark

Our skins are unique, and produced by our own designs.
The materials are carefully chosen by best quality available,
and you will find them no other place, than here. 

Give your iPhone a personal twist, improved grip, and protect it
against dinks and scratches.
Already loved by many, and we are certain you won't regret it.