Chrome Blue

  • Blue chrome skin. Matches the blue light of the machine, for an exclusive and all blue look.
    Our Playstation skins are the first series with us offering up these chrome skins. They are extraordinarily gorgeous and contrary to other chrome foils on the market, ours look sharp and have a smooth mirror surface. They are susceptible to scratches though, which is also the reason we've been holding off using this material on other devices, but since a Playstation isn't exactly inclined to get scratches, this is a perfect match.

    Unsurprisingly, this material is extremely expensive to manufacture, so they cost a bit more than our other skins.

    Our skins are all cut in Denmark made to order, of highest quality possible, as we source the mest materials available.
    Give your Playstation a great and unique look with our skins.
    They are easy to apply and easy to remove again without leaving any trace.

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  • NB: Remember to select either digital or disc Playstation 5 model before adding to cart

    • Danish design and quality by make it stick
    • Produced with vinyl of highest caliber
    • Perfectly cut for PS5
    • Easy to apply - easy to remove
  • Shipped from Denmark, same or next workday after order.

    Shipping is 2.99 USD no matter the amount

    • Delievery inside Europe - typically 2-4 days
    • Delievery outside Europe - typically 5-7 days


Quality as you know it

Our skins are now ready to fit the first non-Apple product.

That's how excited we are about the new Playstation design.
However, the midsection does look a bit cheap - solve this and make your PS5 match the rest of your setup



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